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Martial Arts Demonstratio​ns

Are you looking for a high energy, FUN to watch, exciting demonstration for your next event? Look no further!! The A&C Martial Arts Demo team would love to help you out!! Our team is available for your next event, whether it is a fair, a fest, family event, birthday party, parade, school event, Boy/Girl Scout event, etc. we are available! We can do a demonstration anywhere from 30 minutes and up and would be excited perform at your next event in the LaCrosse area!! Contact us below for more information and to set up your event!

Self Defense Seminars 

We offer self defense seminars throughout the year, as well as private seminars. These are for smaller groups ranging from 8 to 20. They typically are 2-4 hours long with a small break halfway through. *we do require a mininum of 8 participants to hold the seminar.

With the number of violent crimes on the rise, this class is a Must for all. This course concentrates on the fact that you are NOT here to learn to fight. You are here to learn the skills that allow you to get away! With both Pro-active and Re-active self-defense drills, we will talk about simple things like how to secure your house and car, but also learn how to use your body as a weapon. This class culminates in you demonstrating what you have learned in a simulated attack from an instructor! This single class can be tailored for a woman only session if you wish.

Women's Self Defense or Rape Prevention Seminars


A rape occurs every 6 minutes in the United States. This course discusses statistics and what leads to them, but more importantly we talk about how not to become one. With Pro-active as well as Re-active training – how to avoid being attacked and what to do if you are. This course works, in detail, escapes from the ground and how a smaller person can take advantage of the positions they will likely be put into in the course of an attack. We will also run through several standup defenses as well. This is a delicate subject that requires serious discussion and physical training. This class is a minimum of 4.5 hours but tends to run closer to 6. This can be a single session (with an allowed break), or can be done over the course of two days (though a single day is preferred) *Due to the nature/content of this course, we do require the student to be 15 or above. 


 Tailored specifically towards the situations and attacks that women face. This program deals with self-defense scenarios, from walking/jogging alone to nightclubs and dorm rooms, that a woman may have to deal with. Designed for situations where the attacker is more likely to outsize you by a substantial amount, you will be instructed in base techniques that are easy to learn and use, and that Actually work! This class is designed for escaping your assailant, not fighting them. Culminating in a one-on-one attack/defend scenario against your instructor at the conclusion of the class. This is a single 4 hour session.

Corporate Self Defense Seminars

Focusing on employee Self-defense where legal liabilities are a concern. This program is designed to work closely with the facility owners/managers to ensure their staffs safety by giving them training, other than just punches or kicks, when they may be required to protect themselves. We will meet with management to discuss Staff vs. Patient/Client safety, your facilities stance on what is allowed and whether you have trained staff to handle an altercation as well as what staff members are allowed to do to keep themselves safe. Then we train the staff in tried and true self-defense techniques that will keep them out of harm’s way while not causing undue injury to patients/clients, yet with the understanding that their own safety comes first. This is a single 4 hour session that we come to your business to do (as long as you have sufficient space) with one 2 hour meeting with management before the class to discuss liability concerns.

Everyone should take a self defense class or course at some point in their life! Why not take it in a safe, friendly envirEveryoneonment with an Instructor who has specialized in Self Defense training for 30+ years!  Looking for more information? Click on the learn more button below!

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